PA Criminal History Clearance Instructions:

  1. Go to website:

  2. Click “New Record Check (Volunteers Only)” (everyone choose this option).  Scroll to bottom of page and click the box under “Volunteer Acknowledgement Section”, then ACCEPT.

  3. On next page, enter YOUR information (PLEASE enter an address where you can get mail)

  4. Review the information and hit PROCEED.

  5. Enter your information (name, ss#, DOB, sex, race) and hit “ENTER THIS REQUEST”.

  6. Review information and hit SUBMIT.

  7. When the processing is done, the next screen will show “no record”, “record” or “under review”.  

    1. NO RECORD.  Click on control number, then certificate to print and save the results.

    2. RECORD.  Do the same as “no record”.  The rap sheet detailing the your record will be mailed to the church in 1-2 weeks.

    3. UNDER REVIEW.  Print the screen so you have the control number, name and date you submitted the request.  Log back in a few days later to check the status