Directions to fill out the PA Child Abuse History Application

*NOTE:  This application will take some time to complete and requires the following information:

  1. A payment code (so it’s free for you!) Please contact to request a code.

  2. Previous names you have used since 1975

  3. Previous addresses since 1975

  4. A list of everyone who lived with you at any time since 1975 to the present.

  5. (Need to list their first and last name, relationship to you, their sex and their present age.)

ELECTRONIC SUBMISSION:  Please follow these directions carefully.  If you need assistance to go through this process or you don’t have access to a computer, please contact us at

Create an ID and password:

  1. Create an account in the Child Welfare Portal

  2. Type in an ID name for yourself to “Create a Keystone ID”.  Then hit FINISH. You will get emailed a temporary password.

  3. Go back to the website and this time click “Login”.

  4. Follow the directions to make a permanent password.

Once your ID and permanent password are set, follow these directions to fill out the application.  

Filing The Application:  

  1. Click here to return to the Child Welfare Portal, then “Access My Clearances”, Then hit CONTINUE.

  2. Enter Login ID and password you created in the steps above.  Then ENTER.

  3. Click “Create Clearance Application”.  Then BEGIN.

  4. Click the “Individual 14 yrs of age or older…” option.

  5. Fill out all of your information as you are prompted.  NOTE:  If you run out of time entering your information, you can save your application and complete it at another time.

  6. On the payment page, click the “Payment Code” option and enter the code given to you by the church. (NOTE:  Using payment codes allows the church to track when the application was submitted and when the clearance is complete and allows us to print a hard copy for our files.)

ready for the next clearance!