Welcome to the Revelry Church Blog!

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Welcome to the Revelry Church blog!

You may be thinking “great... another blog”, but this isn’t just a regular blog. This is your blog. A place for genuine, credible knowledge, experiences, information, thoughts and thought-provoking conversation-starters intended for the churched and unchurched, the new Christian, the seasoned believer, the mom, the husband, the teen, and the world.  No fluff, no sales pitches - just honest, real thoughts from the Revelry community and teaching team!

Our goal with each and every blog post is to challenge you to think deeper, point you to Jesus, and to talk about the things no one wants to talk about. You can rest assured that something you’re curious about will be addressed, and if it’s not - no sweat! You can shoot us an email or a message with your question and we will do our best to answer it. Also, if you’re super into writing and want to share your thoughts too, you can always contribute to the blog. You can email us for that too!

Our prayer is that you are encouraged, challenged, uplifted, and can even get a few laughs from this blog. Look out for new posts every Tuesday. Happy reading!