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Wake, Pray, Slay: 6 Things You Can Pray for in 6 Minutes

Prayer can seem burdensome because we don’t think we have time for it. It can seem burdensome to pray because we make try to force prayer into some sort of formula. But prayer can be short, simple, and to the point! It doesn’t need structure - it is merely an intimate interaction with Jesus. You have time. We can actually guarantee you have at least 6 minutes everyday to engage in deep, intimate prayer with your Heavenly Father - read how!

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Do You Feel Burnt Out and Exhausted?

Are you a judgmental person? Do you get jealous of others? Are you just so. exhausted?! Burn-out is real, and burn-out is relative. Not everyone can produce the same amount in a day, whether that be appointments, meetings, clean rooms in houses, social media posts, job applications, creative products, whatever whatever whatever! If you find yourself feeling more envious than celebratory when good things happen to other people, or just ready to run away and quit everything, this post is a must-read!

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Is Church the Solution, or the Problem?

For so many, church is outdated. Irrelevant. A problem in the world and the farthest thing from a solution. And you can’t blame those people. For far too long the church has been known more about what we are against than what we are for. The church’s voice has unfortunately been one of the primary voices of hate and division in the world rather than a voice of hope and love as Jesus purposed us to be.

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