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One is the Loneliest Number: Why Community Matters

Community can be hard because community means intentionally - not passively - spending time with people. This takes hard work, time, and a whole lot of courage if you err on the side of introversion. But why does community matter? Isn’t it easier to just shy away from community, find refuge in your own home, and avoid social interactions especially ones in church? Read on to find out why community is a vital part of life, and like it or not, you NEED it!

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Welcome to the Revelry Church Blog!

You may be thinking “great... another blog”, but this isn’t just a regular blog.  No fluff, no sales pitches - just honest, real thoughts from the Revelry community and teaching team! Our prayer is that you are encouraged, challenged, uplifted, and can even get a few laughs from this blog. Look out for new posts every Tuesday. Happy reading!

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