Do You Feel Burnt Out and Exhausted?


When people talk about burn-out, it's generally meant that they feel overwhelmed, over scheduled, stressed out, in a rut, passionless, cynical, "over it", hopeless, on and on. Do you find yourself comparing your work to others, struggling to find your passion, not looking forward to things you used to? Maybe you are a new college graduate struggling to apply to jobs everyday like you have been old you should. Maybe you are a young wife that has put off making the grocery list and the impending doom of the shopping trip to follow. Maybe you are a thriving professional that has jam-packed evenings and meetings on meetings and you are just wanting a break to actually be at your house and spend time there, maybe even clean it? (that always gets pushed to the bottom of the list!)

Burn-out is real, and burn-out is relative. Not everyone can produce the same amount in a day, whether that be appointments, meetings, clean rooms in houses, social media posts, job applications, creative products, whatever whatever whatever! We often have to check our hearts to not only stop ourselves from judging our performance against others, but others against ours! If you are treating others, and yourself, based on what you/they produce, you need to check that at the door. Give yourself, and others, grace! It's okay to leave a few things unchecked on your to-do list. Nothing is as urgent as taking care of yourself and your soul.

Transparency and self-care, along with ALLOWING yourself to put on the brakes every once and a while is NECESSARY - and definitely something we struggle with a lot. Have you ever uttered the phrase "I never feel like I'm doing ENOUGH." We know a LOT of other people that feel this way too. You set a standard for yourself, and if you don't meet it, you "fail." But friends, standards HAVE to be fluid. Your "enough" is based on a million things that are NOT constant like time, energy, commitments, health, family... so why should your standards be rigid if the rest of your life is not? 

If you a religious person, you may have heard the phrase that "Jesus is enough." That sounds amazing and is probably on a t-shirt somewhere, but what does that actually, tangibly mean and how do I live my life showing that I believe that? Embrace that God is enough and not rely on yourself. First, you must set realistic standards of what you CAN do. Be honest with yourself. Then, you do what you CAN in a day given all the factors against you. At the end of the day when you're looking at all the things you didn't get done but wanted to, you then CHOOSE to not worry, be thankful for what you DID get done, and literally just relax and take time to recharge. Some pastors call that "resting in grace.” We spend so much time and mental energy thinking about what we HAVE to do, that figuring out what we WANT to do with our free time (that we have to MAKE) is a challenge. But that’s exactly what "resting in grace" means: just rest, and stop freaking out, because God's got you and it's going to be okay.