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One is the Loneliest Number: Why Community Matters

Community can be hard because community means intentionally - not passively - spending time with people. This takes hard work, time, and a whole lot of courage if you err on the side of introversion. But why does community matter? Isn’t it easier to just shy away from community, find refuge in your own home, and avoid social interactions especially ones in church? Read on to find out why community is a vital part of life, and like it or not, you NEED it!

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Is Church the Solution, or the Problem?

For so many, church is outdated. Irrelevant. A problem in the world and the farthest thing from a solution. And you can’t blame those people. For far too long the church has been known more about what we are against than what we are for. The church’s voice has unfortunately been one of the primary voices of hate and division in the world rather than a voice of hope and love as Jesus purposed us to be.

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