what is Revelry?

“It was right that we should make merry and be glad, for your brother was dead and is alive again, and was lost and is found.” Luke 15:32

Luke 15 is the heart beat behind Revelry Church, and it was the heart beat behind everything Jesus was doing on earth - finding, saving, and restoring the lost. According to Jesus’s own words, there is only one right way to respond to this amazing story of grace and redemption: celebration. Not just any celebration, but an absolutely all-out, revelrous celebration! The kind of party that makes people want to join in and wonder what on earth could be worth such a ruckus. A revelry that is based upon one thing and one thing only - the goodness and grace of our Heavenly Father.

This is what Church was meant to be. This is what Revelry Church is. Come join the party.


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the Careys

Nick & Sam Carey are the Lead Pastors of Revelry Church. Nick is a graduate of Churchome’s Leadership Experience in Seattle, Washington where he received the majority of his ministry training. Sam is a graduate of Slippery Rock University where she earned her degree in Communication. Sam serves as Revelry’s Creative Team Manager. Nick & Sam have been married since August of 2016 & have an incredible son named Ezekiel.

our family

Sam Carey  Creative Team Manager

Nick Carey

Lead Pastor


Nathan Ballash

Production & Facilities Director

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Dan & Beth Arnold

Youth Directors


Carolyn Carey

Administrative Assistant


Sam Carey

Creative Team Manager

Hollie Davis

Hospitality Director


Jamison Brown

Digital Media Manager


Brandon Stiffler

Associate Pastor


Dave Cupp

Young Adult Director


Elliot Angel

Music Director